Over the past few weeks we have published a number of articles describing the motivation and mechanics of our economic model based on transitive-transactions and trust-networks and summaries of our research and conclusions to date. The articles are sequential and designed to build a knowledge base and limit repetition. Therefore, below we present a reading list to help guide the reader.

  • The reader should begin with the description of our Economic Model. This article discusses the motivation, variables and the dynamics of the model.

  • Supporting the Economic Model are two articles that provide further detail. The first presents the Transitive-Transaction pseudo algorithm we have adopted. The second discusses the mechanics of the Liquidity Situation, an important artifact of the Transitive-Transaction approach.

  • The Economic Model requires a trusted network as an input so it's probably best to next read about how we create the Networks used in our modeling and what are their statistical properties (there are pretty pictures too!).

Please check back from time to time as we'll keep this list updated. Happy Reading!